Tuesday, December 28, 2004

حال گیری

اه اه این پسره حالم رو گرفت اول صبحی. یکی نیست بگه بابا ما کل نت ول می کنیم میاییم تو بلاگ تو که یکم بخندیم. تو هم که شب عیدی عوض اینکه بری با یه دوست دختری نه یه دوستی کسی بگردی نشستی غم نامه مینویسی؟ امیدوارم که دلت زودتر باز شه. اگه نشد یه شیشه راهگشای اصل آمریکایی بریز توش درست میشه. من نوشته هات رو دوست دارم ولی نه اینجوری.
دلتون شاد

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bankrobber said...

The incredible event of the sea surge in Asia has left me completely reeling. The death toll rises and rises, it now stands between sixty and seventy thousand people, with the waves so strong that its wet death spread even as far as the shores of Africa. I am not going to go all Sir Bob Geldolf on you, despite my Irish ancestry, but please, please, please if you only ever make one tiny charitable donation in your life, make it now and make it soon. The greatest tragedy is the loss of children. One half of all those washed from existence according to BBC radio this morning were children. This is the largest death toll from a tsunami in recorded history. More children WILL die as the after-effects begin to kick in, with disease and malnutrition.

It is at times like these that you can rightfully look into the eyes of our religious leaders and say “why?” Demographically the countries hit have genuine multi belief systems that span from Christianity, Islamism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Jainism and other traditional local religions. Also, with the exception of maybe two of the countries hit, nearly all of them practice tolerance towards other religious groups. As for the colour of skin, all shades are represented here; ethnicity could be no more diverse than in this region of the world. So if God or Gods or Goddess’ exist, black, white, gay or straight why is it necessary to wipe out over 30,000 children. No doubt, some fat balding American or European will be reclining in there leather desk chair reading this and explaining away natural disasters such as this in terms of natural law, keeping the planets population in check. And I worry if President Bush is bringing together a council of war to invade this rouge country of Tsunami; such is the mis-understanding of this region of the world.

Fifty English pence buys a survival kit that can provided sustenance for two weeks, that is about a Dollar or a Euro or a quarter of the price of your cheeseburger. Hell, I hate it when people TELL me what I should or shouldn’t be giving too, so just read the stories yourself, go to your news sites and read. Then give a little something, I couldn’t be any poorer right now by Western standards, seriously, what with my mum passing away, traveling to Ireland, legal fees to fight for me to see my son, four children, Christmas and a low wage, I am completely fucking skint! But I am not going to starve; I am not going to drink cholera infested water; I am not going to huddle under a thin bit of plastic tonight shoeless and hopeless. Please please give something and post this UNICEF link on your blog so that it may inspire others to give. I have faith in the blogging community as the new world order, the genuine council of the world, the balanced intelligentsia. We can make a difference, even if it is just your change in your pocket, seriously, that may save a life.

Sorry if this is bit heavy and away from my usual selfish and melancholy ranting, but I can’t just sit by. Here is the link. Take care. http://www.unicef.org/