Friday, April 06, 2007

Iran, Dear Iran, Happy Norooz, Happy new year!

Norooz Came. We started a new year and I wonder how I feel about my country. I know all about the shits happening in Iran. I know what the trafic jam and air polution means. I know what does it mean when you live in an appartment that you know won't resist even a small shake of the earth. I know all about bad things there. But there are lots and lots of good things that I cannot forget. I feel proud of my dear Iran. I want it free and good. I want my people to decide on who to govern them and how to live. And I never ever want it in a chaos like Iraq. No US Attack.
I just want it free and wealthy.
One they I'll be back there helping it to develop. One day I'll bring back all I know to make a better life for those who I love.
Iran, Dear Iran, Happy Norooz, Happy new year! Posted by Picasa

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